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  • Bluetooth keyboard BK056
  • Bluetooth keyboard BK056
Bluetooth keyboard BK056Bluetooth keyboard BK056

Bluetooth keyboard BK056

  • size: 265*130*10mm
  • Product description: Scissors tripod design; chocolate keycap, feel comfortable;
Features: Bluetooth wireless keyboard, ultra-thin ultra-small, portable, built-in rechargeable lithium battery is available for Apple Family for Android phone, tablet, suitable for laptops with a Bluetooth module, desktop computers, tablets, .
◆ Flat keycap structure design simple and elegant comfort
◆ keyboard with a new ABS material
◆ increase PC more durable material Fangshuai
◆ characters using laser laser engraving, never fade, durable wear
◆ more than 10 million times key life
Bluetooth keyboard
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