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  • Business keyboard BK009
  • Business keyboard BK009
Business keyboard BK009Business keyboard BK009

Business keyboard BK009

  • Product ID:KB009
  • weight:565g
  • SIze:475*192*30
  • Product description: Business keyboard factory of china.Waterproof Keyboard

◆ laser engraving keys
◆ Large backs designed to support the palm more comfortable and considerate, easily manipulated.
◆ Unique Cutaway keycap shape, surface fine lines, feel better.
◆ five-star fully waterproof design, nine large square drainage hole design, strong drip afraid of splashing.
◆ Spacebar improved dual-spring design, and increase the return key, the concept of humanity is strong.
◆ use laser engraving characters never fade.
◆ 2000 million life buttons plus 0.2 millisecond response speed sensor game, combined with fine lines matte surface, feel more delicate faster Gengshuang hand.
◆ 0.2 millisecond response time speed, completely close to build the game
◆ keyboard with a new ABS material
◆ increase PC more durable material Fangshuai

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