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The United States launched wearable keyboard typing Taking a reality

According to the US technology website TechTimes May 12 reported that the US's new one-handed wearable keyboard Tap Strap allows users to manipulate Taking a phone, tablet keyboard typing.
Tap Strap elongated appearance, when used worn on the finger, which is equipped with internal sensors, finger movement can be converted into letters and numbers. The media dubbed the design of this product looks like a nail when used finger separator.
The new typing system works as follows: five finger tapping motion is converted to a single vowel, and the complex is converted to the hitting motion consonants, a total of 31 kinds of tapping. Recognition accuracy of this system is 99%, and will also feature the introduction of word association.
Tap Strap Bluetooth-enabled, so you can use on any mobile device.
This technology allows those who are blind or visually impaired, like normal people use mobile devices to quickly and easily communicate with others.
Device inventor David Schick said that the invention is likely to become the mainstream mode of communication no longer need a physical keyboard, while providing fast and accurate connection. Tap Strap more accurate than the speech input, faster than the gesture system.
Larne co-inventor, said, Tap Strap lead us into a new area, we will be connected with the digital world. This technology can be applied not only to the field of language, but can also be used in music and games. The company will work with the innovators, and original equipment manufacturers to jointly develop the potential of this technology. Goal is to provide users with more new and exciting experience.
Tap Strap currently still in test development and expected to be listed by the end of 2016.


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