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Computer keyboard failure how to do?

Computer keyboard is one of the most common computer input device equipment, is all the most frequently used equipment. Since the computer keyboard is frequently used, so the case of the computer keyboard failure often occurs during use. Today and share with you after the failure of a computer keyboard solutions.
Tools / materials
U disk, keyboard vacuum cleaner with a soft brush, blowing balloons
The case of a desktop computer keyboard failure
Computer keyboard failure typically have the following two cases:
Tap the keyboard keys without display
After you open a word processor or other editor, whether you enter any character on the keyboard, the display on any display no.
Keyboard input and screen display characters inconsistent
Letters on your keyboard to enter letters and no correspondence or display the input character display is digital.
The case of a desktop computer processing methods and procedures
Check whether the keyboard is energized
Press the left of the keyboard Caps Lock key Caps Lock key, Caps observe the indicator lights on the keyboard is lit. If you can light up, indicating your keyboard hardware may have been broken. If you can not light up the keyboard that you either bad or is connected to the host computer and the bad, the keyboard no power.
Tips: The wireless keyboard is energized can refer to my previous experience to write a "how to do wireless mouse did not respond."
Check the keyboard connection interface with the host computer to determine whether a good contact
The keyboard connected to the computer's USB host cable and host computer's USB interface reseated due to the host desktop computer behind several USB interfaces, it can change a USB port connection, to see if good contact.
Tips: For some older models, if your keyboard cable is PS2 connector
Please note that the PS2 port or whether the needle inserted in the wrong location, such as the keyboard PS2 connector to connect a mouse found on the PS2 interface.
Reconnect after test
Step 2 Reconnect often, basically to ensure contact with the keyboard and the host computer normally. You can now open a word processing software on the computer, the editor using the keyboard to enter a few characters to see if there is display.
If normal, Congratulations you have successfully handle keyboard failures, otherwise continue to the next step.
Detect the host interface is normal
If you do this step, then the chances of your keyboard usually broken relatively large, but do not be arbitrary, we test the computer host interface to a conclusion. Get a usb device, such as U disk. We put it into the computer interface, see if you can use normal, if normal use, it indicates that your keyboard has been broken, you can replace a new keyboard, otherwise it indicates normal keyboard, your computer system or system problems, need a professional to deal with, not repeat them here.
Scenario 2 desktop computer processing methods and procedures
This happens usually indicates the keyboard and the host computer is connected properly, but the keyboard has a problem, the process is as follows:
Capitalization and numeric keypad keys and other function keys Failure
If the result of the case or the numeric keyboard keys malfunction cause inconsistent input display, you can check the case left of the keyboard toggle keys Caps Lock key, Shift key and right NumLock key and other function keys are normal switch.
Sometimes due to the frequent use of these function keys, conductive rubber keyboard will not work under the pop-up keyboard failure caused by the phenomenon, you can also check whether these caps keyboard keys due to abnormal reasons always stuck in the pressed state caused failure. In this case you can manually toggle the appropriate keys to reset it repaired.
A recurring character and the surrounding joint letter appeared failure
For the above phenomenon, usually because a key bit is always stuck in the pressed state and the surrounding keys associated with the conductive rubber in intermittent contact with the keyboard so that the malfunction. In this case, you can use your fingers to the keys of certain failures occur repeatedly reset button, or press again for all the keys again, it has made the keyboard to normal.
Tips: Of course, since the glass down on the keyboard because tea spilled on the keyboard will cause the keyboard part failure, this time should be disconnected from the host keyboard and the keyboard upside down to dry after the water is drained normal use,
For waterproof keyboard because scuppers (groove) upside down the disordered, simply the keyboard to the scuppers (groove) inclined to.
Failure to display a character drain
For such cases, usually because the keyboard dust or debris gets inside the snack keyboard, hinder conductive rubber and metal contacts the circuit board under the keys could not contacting the letter input display. In view of this situation, you can use a keyboard vacuum cleaner with a soft brush, blow up balloons keyboard cracks were blowing dust blown debris to solve the problem, if the above methods can not be resolved, disconnect the keyboard and the host computer inverted keyboard, beating after alignment, reconnect it to work.
Keyboard garbled
Keyboard garbled are quite annoying, usually such a situation only one way you can try, and that is disconnected from the keyboard and the host computer, and then reconnect the keyboard to see if the return to normal. If the re-connection still fails, then you do not hold what hope. This usually is caused by distortion of the keyboard chip failure, we are not equipped to handle, you can now get a new keyboard.
Common treatment methods laptop keyboard failure
Notebook keyboard failure situation is substantially similar to the desktop, it can be solved by the above method. For some specific situations need to look at the following steps:
Small keyboard to replace part of the letter keys
Since the laptop keyboard less space than ordinary desktop keyboard, so it has some function keys are the function keys with the Fn key to achieve some specific functions, such as digital key alternative JKL, UIO, M key cases, this situation often not understood by everyone, but mistaken keyboard failure, in fact, the simplest way is to check the bottom of the digital display is lit. Once the indicator light indicates the numeric keypad is valid, there is no doubt JKL, UIO, M these keys are replaced with the numeric keys. You only need to hold down the left side keyboard NmLk Fn key and function keys at the top right to switch back and forth.
External keyboard
For half past one would not handle keyboard failure fault, you can find an external keyboard connected through the USB interface has a pressing problem. In particular, when large quantities of digital input, strongly recommend an external keyboard input more convenient.
Soft keyboard Emergency Law
For keyboard failure can not be resolved without a standby emergency keyboard on the case at hand, we can use the soft keyboard with mouse emergency, here to introduce Sogou input method as an example.
Click the taskbar to the right of the "language bar" button or by Ctrl + Shift key to bring Sogou input method state. As shown below
In the pop-up state, use the mouse to click on the keyboard buttons shown below red box
Right-click the button, make sure the PC keyboard options are shown in the following figure
Otherwise, your keyboard with the mouse to point out is that other characters, you will think garbled.
The following pop-up shown in FIG soft keyboard, you can use the mouse to click on the appropriate button to enter characters, the method and the use of a physical keyboard is the same, not repeat them here.
Of course, if you want to close the soft keyboard only need to click on the soft keyboard input method button on the status bar again.


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