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The trend has become a domestic axis or will become mainstream mechanical keyboard

Mentioned domestic axis, the first mass-produced mechanical keyboard appeared in 2011, until now, made from the axis of development has only just four years time. The first domestically-made axis mechanical keyboard is a veteran peripheral manufacturers Pennefather V7 launch mechanical keyboard, relying on 80% of the layout and affordable prices, when Pennefather V7 launch has created quite a stir in the peripheral circles, as many games entry-level players and fans of the first peripheral to mechanical keyboard.
    Although the price is affordable enough, but since then the domestic shaft technology is not yet fully mature, Pennefather V7 often be some small problems in the use of impact player experience. Over time, domestic shaft gradually fade out of sight.

    The second half of 2013, began to return mechanical keyboard hot, booming gaming industry. Mechanical keyboard feel rich, the many advantages of a varied shaft, long life and stable long handle, etc. began to be more and more users to understand and explain some of the gaming and the players are beginning to recommend mechanical keyboard , which makes mechanical keyboard instant popularity among the players. Although, before that there are many mechanical keyboard ashes powder, but far less than in the base now.

    As more and more users begin to focus on the mechanical keyboard, mechanical keyboard has started to demand, the major peripheral manufacturers have started turning to homemade sauce, after all, at that time the domestic axis is considered quite good experience, but also can greatly reduce manufacturing cost. More than two years have passed, the domestic strength of the shaft is constantly enhanced. It can be said that from 2011, - A 2015 is a domestic axis of the fastest growing years, which Kaihua very conspicuous.


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