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Keyboard spacebar device can enhance the feel?

Before listening to people say the spacebar to flip after 180 ° and putting it back, will feel even better. Then I took my own tried it, I really felt more comfortable.

For my own percussion position:
Hit space before each thumb, the thumb will feel the outside corners are spaces "separated" for a moment, to force in a line instead of the entire surface of the space, cutting the hand, while the keyboard spacebar feel abnormal weight.
After the anti-loaded, seemingly angular highlights, in fact, when struck, the whole thumb will be posted on the slope, not only do not cut the hand, the hand feel more light.
Also on hand is a satellite axis, not tried balancing pole, but said also feasible.
Of course, as everyone percussion different habits and posture, this method may not be for everyone, but it is recommended that a try.


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