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Mechanical keyboard understanding exceeded the sky

 More mechanical keyboard membrane keyboard as a form of supplement to exist. Of course, for a long time for people who use a computer every day, a mechanical keyboard to protect your hands at the wrist to reduce the burden to a large extent, and for the Internet, the keyboard is one of the largest parts loss amount in the purchase It also pays special attention to the keyboard.
Myth one: a mechanical keyboard waterproof performance is poor
       In fact, this question is from a misunderstanding of the natural mechanical keyboard PCB, because the computer has PCB places are almost afraid of water, and as such the following mechanical keyboard entire PCB guy, inevitably it is not waterproof. Definitely not! The actual use of water resistance and general mechanical keyboard membrane keyboard gap is not large. All keyboard products, including machinery and films, are afraid of the water IC circuit portion, and the main key area water basically dry. We do not see the PCB and solder worried mechanical keyboard burned. As long as you water at the keyboard, rapid power, then there is the keyboard position of the IC chip booster allow water to drain, dry, and finally all be normal use.
Myth: Only low-cost keyboard keycaps will Dayou
For mechanical keyboard feel, Cap also very critical aspect. Now includes filco, jaki, steel, aron, plum and Shida New World and many other brands, keyboard basically ABS plastic, because of the low cost. But it will face with ABS material with a long Dayou problems, and now black ABS laser printer is unclear. As 6G ink will fade, but jaki aron laser and laser engraving filler with a long time will darken.
         In addition to cherry original POM and PBT keycap, other keyboards can not avoid the occurrence of Dayou, long life mechanical keyboard case also led to the emergence of Dayou only a matter of time. With a long time, always oil, even if there is a super-hard coating filco and respected color keycaps 2 is no exception. But the advantage MX axis keyboard is also very clear that the main key area keycap basic general, especially the letter keys, change of keycap easy to solve the problem ~
        High mechanical keyboard and low-cost mechanical keyboard price difference is mainly reflected in the work gap axis mechanical keyboard is the soul, but decided the price of the mechanical keyboard is PCB, IC, the whole mold, Cap and cost of the brand. There are a lot of friends before the dismantling of more than one hundred pieces of workmanship and mechanical keyboard found inside the price up to more than 700 filco nothing different.
Because the price and the cost of materials has always been a mechanical keyboard is not proportional, but mold and brands are closely related. A good mold may account for much of the overall manufacturing cost, full keyboard conflict-free keyboard inside IC and development costs accounted for a large part, so the price is not low.
       In short, low-cost mechanical keyboard work with the material is not necessarily bad, expensive mechanical keyboard may not work well. Conflict-free typing with full keyboard is a waste, while playing Audition conflict is no good to buy, to choose their own, it is king. Finally, we see the most usual thing to say is that the sound ALPS axis and the axis of a large green, small black shaft axis and tea. In fact, with a long time typing fast, very loud what axis.


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