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Shenzhen exhibition peng century technology co., LTD. is a commitment to the game pad, light keyboard, mechanical keyboard product development, design, production and sales of China Shenzhen, Guangdong keyboard manufacturer. The company is located in Shenzhen, convenient transportation, with a unique geographical advantage, has developed within a few years of well-known enterprises in the industry have a certain influence. Rajfoo brands sold in Europe, America, Middle East, Japan, Korea, the Middle East and Africa.
Companies adhering to the "science and technology as the main quality as the fundamental" business philosophy, always adhere to independent innovation, excellence, excellence in product quality and classic fashion design won the trust of users. Has become a leading brand enterprises is the common goal of all employees. Today rajfoo brand of computer peripheral products and other products has its own innovative ideas, superb technology, superior quality and attentive service to win the majority of customers of all ages to become a trusted Chinese keyboard factory.
The company has a highly qualified management and technical team, after years of accumulation, staff qualifications, ability, work experience and have reached a high degree of adaptation and posts. Companies with strong technical strength and professional standards, to provide technical cooperation and quality assurance. At the same time, actively promote the ISO9001: 2008 standards management, the establishment of production and service quality guarantee system. In the "quality refinement, the new change, people-oriented, in good faith for the purpose of continuous improvement to meet customer needs" as the guide to action toward the goal of zero defect product quality, excellence, the pursuit of excellence, create first-class technology, class quality, service-class electronics companies.
rajfoo goal is to products and "fashion, technology, personality, the game of life," the concept of consumption combine together, they represent the rajfoo technology on peripheral products in the coming years to understand trends:
Fashion is not fashion ---- unpredictable, rajfoo science and technology to help you lead the fashion trend of consumption;
Science and technology ---- rajfoo, every small breakthrough innovation are big, just to give you the most attentive service;
---- Assertive personality your personality, highlight your charm, rajfoo technology and achievements in your sight to behold;
Life ---- new life, luxury, it's that simple!
Let rajfoo ignite your passion, your ideas perfectly, highlighting your charm!



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